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Ten Things I Wish I'd Known before Starting My Dissertation 

You might have already done your dissertation, but you can also remember the time when you were just starting off, and you were desperate for some expert tips. Writing a dissertation is a complex, task that a lot of students require help with.

Here are some essential tips you need to know before you get started with dissertation writing. Rest assured it's going to make this times a lot easier.


When you're writing a dissertation it's not just about you. People are going to want to know what you're working on, and whether that's your friends or family, they are going to want to hear all about it. Beware, they are expecting something mind-blowing. Something that's going to make them confused by how brilliant it is. But, instead you're probably going to deliver a topic that's going to confuse them. People expect certain things, even though dissertations aren't just about great historical events. Don't get offended by their obvious disappointment. You know what you're working on, and the importance of it. The entire world doesn't need to understand.

Never Compare

If your friend is working on his/her dissertation at the same time, never compare. Avoid asking how far he/she has come along. Either you or the other party will get paranoid. If you check online at some of the most successful dissertation writing services blogs, they clearly claim that everyone has a different approach to a dissertation, and that each dissertation should be authentic. Therefore, don't put pressure on yourself by comparing yourself to others.

Find a Great Supervisor

When you are writing a dissertation, you will need a great supervisor that is going to make the entire experience much better. Your supervisor is supposed to give you the right advice and help you along the way. He/she doesn't have to be an expert in your subject. Pick someone who is reassuring, positive, gives you feedback and inspirational advice, and someone who you can approach easily. That's the right way to successfully completing your dissertation.

Follow Up Questions

Chances are, your dissertation writing isn't everyone's favorite topic of conversation. Some people are just going to follow up with questions just to be polite, so don't try to kidnap every conversation with talk about your dissertation.

Socializing Difficulties

Unless you've hired a dissertation writing service to do the job for you, writing a dissertation has a tendency to take over your life. Socializing is kind of difficult when you're swamped with research. But accept this, but try to balance it out so you don't end up being living with your dissertation.

Crisis Time

During dissertation writing time, you're probably going to reach a crisis when you'll think everything you have been working on so far is a completed disaster. You're going to want to do it all over again. You might even start drafting a new one, but before you do this stop. Take a deep breathe, don't panic and remember that this is just a phase. Everyone goes through this breakdown moment, but it's because all of the pressure.

Excess Information

The fact is, you can't fit in every piece of information you find into your dissertation. Even a dissertation writing service doesn't include all of the information from research, but just the relevant pieces. Some are going to end up in archive to fit the word count and you just have to decide which information is the most important one and gives shape and meaning to your dissertation.

Lots of Printing

Get ready to become best friends with the printer. Whether you're doing this at home or at the library, you're going to print a lot, so you might as well get comfortable with paper jams right away. Unless you're hiring dissertation writing services to do this for you, you're going to have to set aside a budget for your printing endeavors. And yes, you can't avoid it.


After you've finished your dissertation, you're going to feel incredibly proud, and this is a feeling we can't describe. Just be prepared to feel it after all the hard work, because it will come. If you order it via a dissertation writing service you won't feel this satisfaction. But doing all the work yourself, and sacrificing a lot along the way is going to end with ultimate pride and joy. Don't be shy and savor the moment.

Time and Mind Consuming

When you're devoting most of your time to doing your dissertation, chances are even when you're not working on it, you're going to think about it.

Now that you know what you're facing, you don't have to scroll through the Internet searching for dissertation writing services to do this task for you. Take the challenge on and you'll reap the rewards later.